Alongside the Million Image Database, the Institute for Digital Archaeology operates a sister project called the Paper Archive Database. Throughout the world, in libraries, museums and private collections, millions of paper records of ancient sites are languishing in obscurity. Many of these paper documents have limited lifespans. In order to preserve these irreplaceable records – including books, prints, photographs, squeezes, rubbings and field notes – the IDA launched the Paper Archive Database in 2015. The goal of this project is digitize up to 10,000,000 paper documents over the next ten years. These images will, over time, be incorporated into the main body of the Million Image Database allowing for site-specific searches. The Paper Archive Database will encompass many rare materials, providing a unique resource for both scholars and the general public.

The Ruins of Palmyra, Wood and Dawkins


Pompeii, its History, Buildings and Antiquities, Dyer