MOTFThe Dubai Future Foundation is a dedicated research institute for innovation and the exploration of next-generation technology. The museum’s goal is to develop innovative scientific solutions to the developmental challenges of the cities of the future.


OXFORDThe Million Image Database’s technical director is based in the Department of Physics at the University of Oxford in the UK. The Department has a long history in the pursuit of fundamental and applied science both for the advancement of human knowledge and to meet society’s global technical challenges.


UNESCOUNESCO World Heritage is committed to protecting the cultural heritage of all peoples in the belief that cultural heritage has the power to inform identity and transform society.


HARVARDHarvard University is home to one of the most prestigious Classics departments in the world. The Harvard University Department of Classics works with the IDA to digitize Harvard’s large collection of ancient documents. Each year, Harvard undergraduates have the opportunity to take a regional study Sicily module. Operated in partnership with the IDA, this course includes a trip to multiple sites in Sicily and training in digital imaging techniques.


UMASSThe Institute for Digital Archaeology, in partnership with the University of Massachusetts and Dubai’s Museum of the Future, has announced a first-ever certificate degree program in the emerging field of Digital Archaeology to commence in June 2016.  With faculty from Harvard University and the University of Oxford, the program will offer courses in high-technology imaging, archaeology, museum conservation and object handling, epigraphy, history and ancient languages.


CFORAClassics for All is a UK charity which supports the teaching of classics in state primary and secondary schools. The charity believes that classical subjects are a vital foundation for a modern education and that every pupil deserves to benefit from the learning enjoyment and inspiration that classics provides. The IDA’s Million Image Database primary and secondary school educational program is being developed in partnership with the charity.


ABRAHAMThe Abraham Path is a cultural walking route that retraces the journey of Abraham, the legendary ancestor of over half of humanity, who is known for his hospitality and kindness toward strangers. The route follows a range of independent walking trails in the Middle East, unique to each geography that the route crosses. These trails are largely the fruit of local initiatives, developed and maintained by a wide range of local organizations and enthusiasts.